Geoff Hughes grew up in Brantford, Ont., a small town of only 75,000 people, to a single mother with no other siblings that he knew of at the time. At the age of 14, Geoff moved to Vernon and that’s when the trouble began. Geoff dropped out of high school and started hanging with the wrong people. He began working in drywall shortly after and by the age of 22 he was welcoming his first child.

The following year meant another child and a difficult situation. Instead of running away from his problems, Geoff decided to look for work that would support his growing family. His motivation led him to a career in retail and shoe stores of all places. By the time Geoff was 25 he was living on Vancouver Island and working at an Athletes World store in Campbell River as an assistant manager.

Suddenly, Geoff discovered a new passion for sales he didn’t know existed. He was quickly promoted from assistant manager to store manager because his sales were unlike they had ever seen before. It was then that he was moved around to help the fledgling store become profitable. With creativity and flair, Geoff managed to set records at other locations. He loved the challenge that was presented to him.

Eventually his career turned to email marketing and he began working for himself. A few ups and downs followed and through the learning process Geoff found his niche with online marketing. Now, he wants to help others learn to take control of their of their lives like he did. Through online workshops, one-on-one coaching and e-books, Geoff is now helping spread his knowledge to others.