Where do you need to grow?

A common sentiment you will hear from me is to read, read, read. Why? Because you can only gain knowledge from knowing something you didn’t know before. The best way to train your brain and open your mind is to pick up a book and spend time reading.

But you might be saying to yourself
"But Geoff, I watch videos, listen to podcasts and watch documentaries!"

Those are all good choices, but books are my weapons of choice. They arm me with knowledge and help me to achieve success. I want to share my reading experiences with you and I want you to do the same.

Introducing Book Club

Every month I will pick a new book that I feel will be beneficial to your journey to empowerment. I will highlight important chapters that should not be missed and we’ll start a healthy discussion about what you took away from the book.

If you have a suggestion I want to hear it. This is about bringing everyone together and creating a community here. If you want to get a head start with your learning I have a few recommendations that will be covered over the coming months.


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February 1, 2017

Book Club: A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Did you know that you can live longer by joining a book club? Well, it’s true and if you think you are too busy to commit […]

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